Driven by a need for better
in events

Founded in 2015,
Used by most of the Scandinavian event industry today.

GoodiePack was founded in 2015 by Lisa Bønsdorff Dalsgaard as she found a need to communicate more effectively in the events and companies she was involved in. She then launched which is used by most of the event industry in Scandinavia today.
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Extra revenue channels and a digital concierge for guests. Organizers can pack relevant content to a link

GoodiePack is a tool where organizers can pack relevant content in a link, making sure that people don’t need to download apps for a one time use. The platform gives companies an extra revenue channel and their goodiepack can act as a service-butler for their guests - making the staff work smarter on what they spend their time on. Last but not least, GoodiePack helps organizers manage their event data and gather the data and permissions they lack.

GoodiePack today

Today, GoodiePack is owned by CEO Lisa Bønsdorff Dalsgaard and CTO René Jespersen. The company is based in Aalborg, Denmark, with a team of 12 people scaling the company to new international heights.

Awards achieved by GoodiePack


Awarded by SME EU as most inspiring Entrepreneurial company & journey (Europe)


Travel Technology Start Up of the year. International Travel & Hospitality Awards (UK)


SDG award nomination for Best Sustainable Solution (Scandinavia)


Frontrunner at Digital Hub DK, representing Denmark at WebSummit in Portugal (DK)


One of the most promising companies in Turism, Next Step Challenge Denmark (DK)


Best Digital Service of the year. Årets Brøl (DK)