About GoodiePack

We are here to unleash creative thinking
that identifies and stimulates growth.

Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers venues & organizers to reach and engage their guests in creative meaningful ways that increases growth through superior guest experiences.

Our core Values

We strive to deliver meaningful, superior experiences and inspire our customers to do the same by shared values: 


We don’t listen to answer – we listen to understand. It is through active listening we hone our knowledge and become better partners for our customers and each other

Ensure a Creative Workspace

We actively entice everyone to share their ideas, thoughts and creative quirks on a daily basis, because it helps us provide a creative workspace as a platform.

Empower every customer

We want to empower through the use of our platform. That’s why we build flexible tools and give the necessary guidance to make data-driven decisions that have the greatest impact on any business.

Push Sustainable

We continuously think about ways our platform can help make sustainable choices that make a difference on an everyday basis. From decreasing paper consumption to automation of processes – you name it!

Provide Tailor-made

We strive to help create dynamic and personalized content that automatically updates, providing a personal, tailor-made experience that helps gain loyalty and a closer relationship with every guest.


– GoodiePack.com 2022