Turn the guest experience into a competitive advantage

Get ready for the next generation of digital customers who expect fast, easy and enjoyable interactions with your company.

Create an effective channel!

The GoodiePack software lets you create an easy and convenient communication channel directly on your guests' mobile devices. The guests recieve relevant information and you can communicate before, during and after the event or their stay.

Use your channel to:

  • Personalize your content and service
  • Let the guest co-create their experience, pre-book and buy extras
  • Avoid printed material and support a greener environment
  • Collect customer feedback realtime
  • Get data and understand who your customers are
  • Measure ROI from delivering great and convenient customer service

Phone goodiepack

At Aalborg University we use GoodiePack, when we want to treat our students, guests or visitors to a little extra. They receive a digital goodie bag on their mobile phone, which guides them to great local offers on food and shopping. In this way, they see more of what the city has to offer, and hopefully they fall in love with our local area as well.

- Aalborg University

We gave a great offer for a digital goodiebag in the local community and in a short time we had 100 customers in line at our shop.

- WeDoBurgers

GoodiePack is a brilliant concept! This was our perception already before we have used it, but we became even more excited after we actually have used GoodiePack. GoodiePack is extremely user friendly on both frontend and backend.. and the team behind GoodiePack is really service minded and helpful.

- Elevate

Mac create


  • Guide the guest to a physical place or store
  • Direct the guest to an online site or webshop
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Upload the event programme or other material by pdf
  • Upload relevant video content
  • Lead generating for sponsors: ask if they can contact the guest
  • Ask a question and get feedback
  • Let the guest refer a friend
  • Sign up for our customer club with great offers

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