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GoodiePack is a software tool to

GoodiePack is NOT an app. You pack the content in our softwaresystem and send it out to your guests, members or employees - For example on a link in a text message. The content can be unique for each phone number. That way it doesn't require any download or login of the receiver, to access your content.

3 simple steps

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1 Create content for your goodiepack
2 Push out your goodiepack
3 Analyze and evaluate your data

GoodiePack gives you

A direct channel
GoodiePack gives you a direct communication channel where you can reach your guests and customers at all times.
Measurable data
Get access to data on your guests’ use of your goodiepack – and use it to improve your experience.
Real-time editing
Add and edit content real-time (which you cannot do with news letters and most apps).
GoodiePack is not an app and it doesn’t require download or logging in. It is fast to access and easy to use.

Get access

... to create and send out different types of content

Personal welcome

Welcome your guest before or at arrival and share practical information such as programs, parking, guidance, opening hours, contact information and much more.


Activating sponsors

Offer your sponsors more visibility, traffic and thus more value. By being part of your goodiepack, it will be possible for your sponsors to get their content and message out to your guests. Your goodiepack can guide guests to your sponsors’ physical stores or webshops – and you can get data on how many people you send to your sponsors.


Pre-booking and additional sales

Make it possible for your guests to customize their visit or stay so it fits their exact needs. The guests may pre-book or purchase additional services or products, reserve tables, choose preferences, and inform you of any special wishes or needs. This way, the guests customize and personalize their own experiences – while at the same time you make additional sales.


Referring a friend

Get more customers by making it easy for your current customers to refer a friend to you. Let your message be spread by your customers instead of you, by letting them share their good experience with your company. The guests may, for instance, share a promo code or a link with their friends.


Tickets and vouchers

Use your goodiepack to distribute and redeem any type of ticket. This may, for instance, be entrance tickets, drink tickets, free passes, vouchers, coffee vouchers etc. The guests are not asked to download or print their tickets but will always have it by hand on their cell phones. You will get data on which of your guests redeem their tickets.


Unique promo codes

Share unique promo codes for webshops directly from your goodiepack. Every guest gets their own unique promo code and you can see which ones have been assigned and to whom. You can of course always use a common promo code as well.


Quizzes and votes

Let the guests interact with you by letting them ask questions, participate in quizzes/votes or let them inform you of any mistakes that will allow you to quickly correct it. Quizzes and votes can be shown on big screens for an audience.



Make it easy for your guests to give feedback, evaluate and recommend you. You can ask them to do this directly in your goodiepack or link to your social media, TripAdvisor or the like.


Employees and volunteers

Use a goodiepack as an employee manual: share a goodiepack with your employees and make sure they have all the right info. If you wish to spoil your employees or volunteers, you may add some great offers to your goodiepack – and change out these offers regularly.


Media content

Provide rich media content to your guests, by adding files like PDF, Word, Images, etc. and even video will be showed directly in your goodiepack. This way all your important content will be easy to upload and access right away by your guests.


Customer Club

Let customers sign up for (and pay to be a member of) your customer club where you push out new content weekly, monthly or whenever you like. In this customer club, you may gather great offers for physical stores, restaurants, cultural events, web shops and much more.


Sharing content

If you are in need of a great offer for your goodiepack, you may use content from our content partners. If you have a great offer that you’d like to share with other, you may let others use your offer.


Pack one or more goodies in one goodiepack and send it directly to the customers mobile phone.

Get pulled by the guest by
scanning QR code
in store display
send text with keyword
Is send out by text message by
contact lists
customer club
automatically integration with booking/ticket/CRM system

GoodiePack is an easy and user-friendly communication channel directly to your guests’ phones.

The guest receives relevant information and you can communicate before, during, and after an event or a stay.

You give your guests a warm welcome – maybe even before their arrival.
You make sure that your guests always have access to any relevant information
You pamper your guests and show that you do something extra for them only

Our customers says

Aalborg Universitet

"At Aalborg University we use GoodiePack, when we want to treat our students, guests or visitors to a little extra. They receive a digital goodie bag on their mobile phone, which guides them to great local offers on food and shopping. In this way, they see more of what the city has to offer, and hopefully they fall in love with our local area as well."


"We gave a great offer for a digital goodiebag in the local community and in a short time we had 100 customers in line at our shop."

First Hotel

"GoodiePack is a unique and nice solution, which manages to give our guests great prices from collaborators, we can vouch for. It is so easy to use and gives a great overview on who, what and where the guests chooses to use their goodiepack. The employees of GoodiePack is incredible helpful and observant on creating the best possible product right from the beginning."

Catalystic Events

"GoodiePack is a brilliant concept! This was our perception already before we have used it, but we became even more excited after we actually have used GoodiePack. GoodiePack is extremely user friendly on both frontend and backend.. and the team behind GoodiePack is really service minded and helpful."

"You can't improve
what you can't measure."