What is a GoodiePack Content Partner? 

A GoodiePack Content Partner can be any company at any size who has a relevant piece of content as an offer, discount, unique opportunity, limited editions, learnings or other valuable piece of content.

What does it take to become a Content Partner?

A Content Partner provides:
  • A general piece of content (e.g. a discount), that is not limited in time etc.
  • A unique piece of content (e.g. a really good offer) when we ask you for it, for a specific context (e.g. one of our customers are looking for a benefit for their customers).

What do we use the content for?

At GoodiePack.com our customers have access to a content bank, where your piece of content will be placed. Our customers will be able to use your piece of content for their goodiepack and push it out to their customers / guests / members. You will get an overview of who is using your content, and track the clicks and referrals to your website or store.

Why become a GoodiePack content partner?

There are many benefits to being a content partner: it will help to expose your brand and product without any costs. It is free PR, given that your product will be discovered by our customers, their customers and other GoodiePack Content Partners. And just as other companies will discover you and your product, you also have the chance to discover other GoodiePack Content Partners and use their provided content.
How to get started as a Content Partner:
  1. Sign up below.
  2. You will get a text message & email with a goodiepack. Please upload text (in Danish) and picture about your general piece of content.
  3. If you have a unique piece of content ready, please also upload text and picture for it too.