What is a GoodiePack ambassador? 

An ambassador is someone who has knowledge about the company and the product, and would want to refer other companies to use the GoodiePack system. 

You can recommend it to your family, friends, acquaintances, business partners or other people in your network, that you feel GoodiePack is relevant for.. You thereby help GoodiePack with getting leads that can lead to new partnership opportunities.

You have maybe read or heard about GoodiePack and thought it sounded interesting. Maybe you even used a goodiepack as a guest yourself or in work related activities, and you thereby got an interest in sharing it with others. 

We are looking for ambassadors, that are just as passionate about GoodiePack as we are!

Why become an ambassador for GoodiePack?

When you are an ambassador for GoodiePack, you will get a series of benefits when you refer a new potential customer, and it leads to a finale sale. The benefits are 10% commission of the sales, free tickets for experiences, access to seminars and events. Besides this you will also get ideal opportunity to expand your own network with new acquaintances, new companies and other GoodiePack fans. This you will get the option to explore in our private facebook groupAmbassadors of GoodiePack’.

What is a lead?

A lead is when you help us get in contact with a new potential customer. You press the button ‘Send us a lead right away’ and fill out the form. Then you make an email introduction for our sales director peter@goodiepack.com and the potential customer, and then the sales department will take it from there. We will inform you if your lead ends up as a sale within the next 6 months. We appreciate all leads, regardless if it ends as a sale or not.

Support – contact us here for more information and if you have any questions

+ 45 71 74 75 71