About GoodiePack

GoodiePack is the leading award-winning sales-platform for the service industry in Scandinavia. Thousands of companies have used the platform since 2015 to generate and improve their sales and service, while gathering data to improve their current effort. The GoodiePack software is produced by inhouse developers at the Danish office, and our customer success team is always ready to receive your call and answer any question. Besides having proven results when it comes to improving sales, the GoodiePack platform also makes it possible for you to personalise the content for the receiver.

With personalization and relevans comes happy customers, amazing ratings and better sales results.


Founder & CEO


Founder & CTO

rené Jespersen

Head of Sales

peter mikkelsen

Operating Manager & Customer Success Specialist

Ann Sofie vestergaard

Head of Customer Success

Niels vandel svendsen

Account Manager

Jeppe Madsen

Graphic Design

Judith Hernández león

Lead Developer

Frederik Spang

Front-End Developer

EMil Bækdahl


In 2016 Lisa Dalsgaard received the award Female Entrepeneur of the Year in Denmark for her work with GoodiePack.

In 2017 GoodiePack was named Best Digital Service of the Year by the Danish advertising business at 'Årets Brøl' (En: 'Roar of the Year')

In 2018 GoodiePack was chosen by the Next Step Challenge as one of the most promising companies in the tourism industry in Denmark.

In 2019 GoodiePack was third on the podium at the Creative Business Cup.

Lisa Dalsgaard won in 2019 the title as Young leader of the year at this years Wonder Tech Summit.

GoodiePack won Digital Hub Denmark, to represent Denmark in front of 70.000+ participants at Websummit 2019 in Portugal.

GoodiePack was nominated to SDG Tech Awards 2020 as one of the best sustainability solutions.

In 2020 GoodiePack was adopted to the Female Founders of the Future

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